The Columbo Story

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Columbo Vaping Story - SantoriniStarted about 30,000 years ago, a series of volcano explosions have given birth to one of the most glamorous islands in the world! Santorini is its name, located at the heart of the Aegean Sea.

In 1650, about 8km northeast of Cape Kolumbo in Santorini, exploded the volcano Kolumbo, which has become the source of our inspiration.

Inspired and, at the same time, armed with long and rich experience in the R&D of electronic and vaping products, a team of expert engineers design and manufacture today the Columbo atomizers and vapourizers.

No, we cannot fight with the laws of nature...

But just like the lava is accumulated in the tank of the volcano underneath the surface of the earth, we put the maximum of our efforts, know-how and passion, with one target in mind: to create technologically superior products with the most perfect vaping you have ever experienced.

Columbo is meant to offer you genuine moments of relaxation, satisfaction and superiority!

It will be hard to find a similar vaping experience elsewhere...!