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At the center of the latest global developments in the vaping industry, Columbo Vape participated in the Vape Show, 1st International B2B Forum in Netherlands, which was dedicated to providing professional solutions and the latest news of the industry to an elite of vaping businesses and professionals.

The Forum took place on 29th July 2016 in Amsterdam and was attended by the elite of the global vaping industry.

Speakers and panelists included – among others – some of the most powerful and influential vaping industry leaders who are actively engaged in the popularization of vaping, such as Ray Story - Founder and CEO of Tobacco Vaping Electronic Cigarette Association, Gregory J. Conley - ‎President of American Vaping Association, Chris Dodge - Secretary of Global Vaping Association, Dan Irwin-Brown - European and International Markets Analyst, Norm Bour - CEO of Vape Mentors, Michael Young - Manager in Vape Emporium, Ron Tully - Independent Vape Consultant, Prof. Pasquale Caponnetto - Psychotherapist and Aaron Biebert - Director of the documentary movie A Billion Lives.

A very interesting report, recently released by the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians, compares the effects on health of tobacco cigarettes with those of e-cigarettes and other NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) products.

According to the report, the emergence of e-cigarettes has generated a massive opportunity for a consumer- as well as healthcare-led revolution in the way the nicotine is used in society. As the technology of these products improves, the creation of a tobacco-free society becomes more realistic.

However, patterns of use of tobacco and non-tobacco nicotine continue to be monitored closely with an open eye on effects on public health of their use in the long-run.