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Columbo Vape Ltd. Columbo-IV-Atomizer Pack Columbo-IV-Atomizer is a technologically superior atomizer designed to offer you great vaping experi.. Product #: ATTA-01 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $74.99 $74.99 In Stock

Columbo-IV-Atomizer Pack

Manufacturer: Columbo Vape Ltd.
Product Code: ATTA-01
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 0.11kg

Price: €74.99  €67.49

Columbo-IV-Atomizer is one of the most technologically advanced atomizers available in the market today!


Columbo-IV-Atomizer is designed with you in mind - no matter whether you are experienced vaper or beginner - and offers a unique combination of valuable features making your vaping superior and your life easier.

Setup in 3 simple moves

Setup was never easier or faster! In just a few seconds with only three (3) simples moves your setup is complete. You just have to unscrew the tank, place the OCC to the tank base and screw the tank. See how to setup in the video below.

Setup in 3 simple moves

The easiest and cleanest refill in the world!

With Columbo-IV-Atomizer you are - once and for all - relieved from unpleasant leaks during the refilling process. What's more, you don't need to dismantle the product in order to refill it. It is easy and you keep yourself clean! See how to refill in the video below.

You Tube
The easiest and cleanest refill in the world!

Utmost vaping pleasure from the very first inhallations!

The two holes on the top of the feeder allow the air to depressurize through one hole while you fill up the tank with your liquid through the other hole. The air depressurizes and no bubbles are trapped inside the OCC. This eliminates the unpleasant feeling of dry hits in the first inhallations after each refill and thus, makes your vaping highly pleasurable from the very first inhallations!

Air-flow control

The air-flow control is an indexed positioned ring with 4 well-designed steps with analogous increase in a quarter circle turn. This allows you to select and control the quantity of the air-flow that you prefer at most.

air-flow control 1 air-flow control 2 air-flow control 3 air-flow control 4

Gold plated contact pin

The gold plated contact pin is placed at the bottom of the atomizer. Combined with the top quality certified food-graded stainless steel of the atomizer and the use of copper where electrical contact exists, it ensures maximum durability and electrical conductance as well as minimum electrical losses.

gold plated contact pin


Besides the atomizer, Columbo-IV-Atomizer pack also includes:

  • 2 drip tips
  • 1 OCC head
  • 1 set of spare silicome O' rings
  • 1 user manual

Columbo-IV-Atomizer is a technologically advanced bottom coil tank atomizer designed to offer you an outstanding vaping experience, no matter whether you are an experienced vaper or a beginner. It is extremely easy to use and maintain and this makes it suitable even for the complete beginners. With the easiest and cleanest top (re)fill in the world, you don't have to worry about leaks in your hands or clothes. Its innovative design eliminates the dry hits from the very first inhalations following each refill. The use of plexy glass for its tank is kept at minimum (while robust food-graded certified materials are used instead) making it highly durable and unlikely to break if fallen.

On the bottom of the atomizer, there is the common 510 type threaded connector.

Atomizer is compatible with standard '510' drip tips.

The materials are certified and of top quality; they are selected based on the best functionality in accordance with the premium build quality. All metal parts are made of stainless steel food-grade AISI 304L SS.

All insulations are made of peek with excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties.

The contact pin is made of gold plated copper.

The tank is made of plexiglass and can hold up to 3.0ml of liquid. It fits with the replacebale OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) head by Kangertech which is contained in the Columbo-IV-Atomizer pack.

  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 41.4mm (without drip tip)
  • Net weight: 63gr (without OCC and liquid)

The O' rings are made of silicone.

  • 2 drip tips
  • 1 OCC head
  • 1 set of spare silicome O' rings
  • 1 user manual

Download manual in English Download manual in Greek


How to set up

Columbo-IV-Atomizer set-up is very easy and complete with just three (3) steps.

Step 1: Unscrew the tank (5) from the OCC Base (8).

how to setup 1

Step 2: Place the replaceable OCC (6) by screwing it down to the base (8). You will find the OCC (by kangetech) in transparent packaging within the Columbo-IV-Atomizer box.

how to setup, step 2

Step 3: Screw the tank to the OCC Base (8); make sure that the top cap is tightened on the tank.

how to setup, step 3

You are now ready to proceed with the liquid filling!

YouTubeSetup in 3 simple moves

How to (re)fill

Once you are finished with the set-up, you can (re)fill the tank with your liquid. We have given particular emphasis while designing the product to make the refilling process easy and keep you clean. As a result, you do not need to dismantle the product. (Re)filling is made from the top with remarkable ease.

Step 1: Loosen the lock ring (2) counter clockwise so that the feeder (3) can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise.

how to refill, step 1

Step 2: Move the feeder (3) at the position where its laser-marked vertical line (at side) is exactly over the laser-marked drop (at side) of the tank (5) and tighten the lock ring (2) so that the feeder (3) cannot move. Make sure that the two holes on the top of the feeder (3) are open so that the liquid can get through.

how to refill, step 2

Step 3: Fill the tank (5) with your favorite liquid through any of the open holes on the top of the feeder (3) by placing the syringe of your liquid in the hole.
Note: While you fill the glass tank with your liquid through any hole, the air is decompressed through the other hole. The air decompression allows you to enjoy vaping at maximum from the very first inhallations with absolutely no feeling of dry hits, while no air is trapped inside the OCC.

how to refill, step 3

Step 4: Loosen the lonk ring (2a) counter clockwise, rotate the feeder (3) so that the holes on its top are completely closed and tighten again the lock ring (2b) clockwise.

how to refill, step 4

Note: Wait for 2 minutes before use to allow the liquid being absorbed into the atomizer chamber.

The easiest and cleanest refill in the world!

How to use

Step 1: Place a drip tip (1) on top of the lock ring (2).

For the smoother (out)placement of the drip tip, we advise you that – before you place the drip tip – you pour some liquid on and around the O-rings to soften them.

how to use, step 1

Step 2: Screw the atomizer onto a mod with a 510 connector

how to use, step 2

Step 3: Adjust the air flow control ring (7) to your desired position depending on your desired level of exhaled vapor.

how to use, step 3 how to use, step 4 how to use, step 5 how to use, step 6

You are now ready to experience the most perfect vaping!

How to clean / maintain

  • Disassemble the parts of the Columbo-IV-Atomizer (drip tip, lock ring, feeder, top cap, tank, OCC, base).
  • Clean the surfaces of the parts (except the OCC) with a dry or slightly wet cloth. You can slightly wet the cloth with clean lukewarm water; you may even immerse any parts (except the OCC) in clean lukewarm water and dry them with a clean cloth aftewards.
  • For the cleaning of the holes and/or internal surfaces, you can use cotton wool or cotton buds.
  • Only for the cleaning of stainless steel parts, you can wet the cotton wool or cotton buds with alcohol.
  • You are strongly advised to pay particular attention on the cleaning of the gold plated contact pin of the base, both internally and externally at the bottom of the OCC Base, as well as the surface of the OCC which gets in touch with the gold plated contact pin.


Cautions for use:

After filling up the tank with liquid, wait for 2 minutes before use to allow the liquid being absorbed into the atomizer chamber.
Do not let the liquid level drop below the center of the OCC side holes. The OCC should always be saturated in liquid before firing your mod. Otherwise, the cotton inside the OCC head will burn and you will experience dry hits.

Cautions when cleaning:

Alcohol may be used only for the cleaning of the stainless steel parts and not for the cleaning of the plexy glass tank, the plastic drip tip and the OCC.
Alcohol should not get in touch with the plexy glass tank to prevent the tank from being darkened or cracked.
Make sure all parts are completely dry before use, especially those ones cleaned by alcohol. This requires leaving the parts for some time after the cleaning to allow them dry.

General cautions:


  • The atomizer is for vaping only, do not use for other purposes.
  • Use liquids intended for vaping only.
  • After setting up the OCC, check carefully for short circuits. Danger by using shorted atomizer on unprotected battery mod.

Instructions for storage: Keep out of reach of children and pets.

WARNING: This product is not recommended for use by young people or non-smokers. It is sold purely for recreational purposes; it is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested as such.

HEALTH WARNING: This product may be used with liquids containing nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. It is not suitable for persons under the age of 18, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, for persons with or at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, or for people taking medicines for asthma.


Columbo-IV-Atomizer comes with a 2-years warranty. To validate your warranty, it is necessary that you register your product following the online product registration process.

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